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Monday, April 9, 2012

Make Your Own Candles

 Originally Posted on Wednesday, October 06, 2010 1:13 PM

Make Your Own Candles

Information Source URL: http://www.beemaid.com/make-your-own-candles

Pure beeswax candles, with their delightful sweet fragrance, burn longer, more clearly, and give off more light than any other candles. One full sheet of honey comb when rolled into a candle burns approximately eight hours. Half a sheet, when rolled into a candle will burn approximately 4 hours.
Materials Required:
  • Colored Beeswax Sheets
  • Candle wicking - 1/0 square braid wicking
  • Scissors
  • Ruler (metal edge), preferably 20" (50 cm.)
  • Exacto/Utility knife or sharp paring knife
  • Cutting surface, 20" x 10" (can be cardboard)
  • Hairdryer
Follow these basic directions on any style of candle you make.
  1. Choose the style of candle you are making.
  2. Using your sharp knife and ruler edge, cut the wax on your cutting surface as indicated by the style pattern of your choice. Avoid short, jerky motions.
  3. Occasionally, a dusty film or "bloom" can form on sheets of pure beeswax. This bloom is a natural occurrence and illustrates the 100% purity of your honey comb sheets. To remove this bloom, lay the sheet of wax on your cutting surface, take your hairdryer a minimum of 3" from the wax and move it from end to end across the wax. Ensure the warm air is at the angle to flow into the honeycomb pattern. Apply heat to the reverse side if needed. Caution: DO NOT apply too much heat as this makes the honeycomb sheets too soft and very difficult to handle.
  4. Place the wick along the edge of the sheet as indicated in the pattern. The wick should extend beyond the top 1/2 inch and stop 1/2 inch before reaching the bottom end of the wax sheet (safety measure). Fold over enough wax to cover the wick. Gently press down the wax, covering and thus securing the wick. This step is important, so if the wax seems hard to roll, simply take the hairdryer and warm the wax (this will make it more pliable). If you have not wrapped the wax securely around the wick, oxygen draws down the candle, causing it to burn too quickly.
  5. Using your fingertips, begin rolling the wax sheet around the wick. Take care to ensure the wax sheet is being rolled firmly and evenly. The completed candle will burn without smoking or dripping, unlike paraffin wax candles. If smoking or dripping does occur, the candle has not been rolled firmly enough, is being burnt in a draft or the wrong size of wick has been used.
  6. The seam of the candle is secured by warming the edge with a hairdryer and by pressing down gently along the seam.
  7. Using the right candle wick is at the heart of every good burning candle. Square braid as opposed to flat braid is generally recommended for beeswax candles. Square braid wick supplied is recommended for 1" to 2 1/2" diameter candles, the most widely used size.
Creative Tip: When beeswax sheets are warmed, they become a natural adhesive allowing glitter, sequins and other appliquéd material to be applied to your rolled candle. Add your own personal touch to rolled candles for home decor or seasonal themes. Caution: Always make sure your materials are fire retardant. For example, use polyester glitter only.

Basic Standard Candle 

1 - 8 1/2" Candle
No cutting required. Make sure the top and bottom edges of wax are kept even when rolling. 

2 - 4 1/2" Candle Pairs
Cut honeycomb sheets in half, roll 2 candles. Before rolling make sure the direction of the comb on each cut sheet is the same.
 Variations of a Basic Standard Candle

1 - 16.75" Candle
 No cutting required. Again, make sure the top and bottom edges of wax are kept even when rolling. Just place wick on long side of wax sheet and roll.

1 - 8.5" Pencil Top Candle
Measure 1" from top of flat sheet as shown. Take ruler from top corner of sheet and line up with 1" mark and cut. One inch cut part becomes scrap wax. Place wick as shown and roll. Gives top of candle a slight taper finish or pencil top.

 Jumbo Pillar Candle
Similar to the Basic Standard Candle, the Pillar Candle can be made to any height or thickness you choose. After rolling the wick tightly at the beginning, start forming the wax from round in shape to either square or triangular. Continue rolling tightly and pinching the corners to keep your shape of the square or triangle until the candle is complete. Example: for a triangle, every 1/3 turn, pinch wax to form a corner creating a three sided candle. For a square, every 1/4 turn, pinch wax to form a corner creating a four sided candle.

If candles are to be less than 8 1/2", cut the wax lengthwise. Butt new sheet to the edge of the last. Seams are less evident when both edges of the wax are slightly heated with a hair dryer. Press lightly to join, DO NOT overlap seams.

Basic 1/2" Taper Candle

Measure 10" on top of sheet and mark. Measure 10" on bottom of sheet and mark. Note: See from opposite ends as shown. Line up marks with ruler and cut.

Separate sheets. Lay wick as shown and roll. If you wish your tapers joined by a continuous wick, flip "A" sheet over and place wick as shown to the right.

Flipped "A" sheet. Separate sheets and place 1.5" to 2" apart. Extend one continuous wick as shown. Roll one 10" side at a time.

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