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Monday, April 9, 2012

Creating Handmade Felt Flower Accessories

 Originally Posted on Wednesday, May 04, 2011 11:14 PM

Handmade Felt Flower Accessories

Adding floral flair to jewelry is a cinch with our simple technique for creating felt flowers. Learn just how easy it is to make these adorable accents, then create jewelry and more using our thought-starters and stunning photos as inspiration.
 Creating Your Flowers


Felt, fabric or repurposed material of your choice
Sharp scissors
Glue gun, Glue sticks or other strong tacky glue or adhesive of choice
Supplies for adornment like buttons, beads, needle, thread, etc.
1. Cut a square from your material and round off the edges to create a circle. Depending on where you plan to place your flower, the size of the circle can vary. For a ring, a diameter of about 2” is a nice size. For something larger like a headband, anywhere from 4-6” in diameter will work.
2. Start cutting into your circle at an angle with the goal of cutting the shape into a spiral. As you cut into the circle, the spiral should begin wider and become narrower as you near the center. This will ensure that, like a flower, the largest petals are on the outside.

3. Grab the tip at the center of the spiral and begin to wrap the remainder of the material around it. Periodically add dabs of glue as you go to help ensure the flower maintains its shape.

4. Measure the diameter of the base of the flower and cut out a circle from the same material. Glue this circle to the bottom of the flower to give it a sturdy base. This will come in handy when attaching your flower to your item of choice.
 Decorative Techniques

Adorn the center of your flower: Buttons, beads and felt or fabric scraps are great for adorning the center of your flower. Simply glue or stitch your accents in place.
Create a multi-colored flower: Cut out two circles of the same size and different colors and wrap the two spirals together to form one flower. Get creative with your combinations by using a solid-colored felt and a patterned fabric.
Add dimension to your flower: When cutting your circle into a spiral, cut in a wave motion so that when you wrap your flower, the petals will have natural depth. You can also fringe the edges of the spiral before wrapping.
Where to Place Your Flowers
After crafting your flowers, create customized jewelry and decorative accents by gluing them to a few of these items:

  Where would you showcase your floral creations? Share your own creative ideas by commenting on this Blog.

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