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Monday, April 9, 2012

Crafting With Bottle Caps

 Originally Posted on Saturday, September 17, 2011 4:53 PM

 8 Ways to Craft with Bottle Caps
By: Caitlin Kavanaugh
Why throw away plastic and metal bottle caps when you could use them to create something beautiful and new? Bottle caps make up the foundation of a variety of craft projects that everyone in the family can enjoy crafting.  Fashion a recycled dog treat container, make a bottle cap coaster for the dining room, or inspire your family members during the holidays with bottle cap ornaments.  Once you get your mind going, there’s no end to the kinds of bottle cap projects you can make.
 Here are 8 ideas for bottle cap projects:
Bottle Cap Coaster
Crochet Beer Cap Hot Pad
  1. Bottle Cap Christmas Tag: For the holidays, make your gifts stand out with a homemade bottle cap gift tag.  This cute technique can be used to make bookmarks, ornaments or decorative wall hangings.          
  2. Milk Bottle Cap Ornament: Bottle cap projects can be festive, too! Take plastic bottle caps and turn them into ornaments by hanging them up with green-and-red ribbon.
  3. Plastic Bottle Lid Art: Spicing up your home decor doesn't have to break your wallet.  Paint bottle caps and paste them on a canvas to make your own modern, recycled piece of art.  
  4. Bottle Cap Wine Glass Charms: Create pretty wine class charms to dress up wine glasses during an evening dinner party.  Play with the paper choice and bottle caps to make different varieties depending on the occasion.   
  5. Bottle Cap Coaster: (Pictured above) Kids will loving making this project that's perfect for a rainy day.  Take old milk bottle caps in an array of colors and put together flower shapes. It's fun to make and a good excuse to recycle bottle caps! 
  6. Bottle Cap Cross: Mix bottle caps with memories with this cute bottle cap project.  Size copies of family photos or loved ones to fit bottle caps and make crosses to hang as decorations or to give away as gifts.
  7. Crochet Beer Cap Hot Pad: (Pictured above) Who would have thought beer bottle caps would be used with a crochet pattern!  Impress your friends with these unique and colorful hot pads as gifts or make some to stock up your own kitchen.  Don't worry if you don't have 19 beer caps around, play with the project and try using water bottle lids instead.  
  8. Recycled Treat Containers:(Pictured below) Here bottle caps make up the nose, eyes and name tag of adorable dog-and-cat treat containers.  This is a great bottle cap project for any pet lover that kids can help make too.

Resource Info:http://www.favecrafts.com/Green-Crafting/8-Ways-to-Craft-With-Bottle-Caps

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