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Friday, September 10, 2010

Hello all art and craft lovers! This is my first blog!

I wanted to start my first blog with a discussion on arts and crafts kits.
 I have found (okay several months ago now) some very special award-winning eco-friendly art kits (for all ages really) and I wanted to know what others think about them. Please share your thoughts. Here are some questions just to get things going.

1) Have you heard about Artterro Art Kits (see photo above for sample art kit)?   Link to their site: http://www.artterro.com/
2) After checking out their site, what is your opinion about the Artterro Art Kits? 
3) Have you or someone you know tried any of them? If so, what did you think about them? 
4)Would you ever consider buying one (or more) for yourself or to give as a gift? (Just want to have an idea about how well this type of product comes across to someone who is interested in arts and crafts)
5) What type of art/craft kits are you interested in or do you prefer to hunt down your own supplies and tools and create something on your own?

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ALEX Craft Kits
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