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Monday, September 13, 2010

Arts and Craft Kits in Review - Artterro Art Kits

I thought that I would give my personal opinion about Artterro's Art Kits.
1) I love the quality of the supplies that they provide in each of their kits. The felt is wonderful! The felting tools are of very good quality.
From Artterro's web site: "We feature high-quality natural materials in our kits like 100% wool felt, 100% post-consumer waste decorative handmade paper, glass and wooden beads, cotton thread, hand batiked cotton fabric, and copper wire. We want people to value the materials they are working with so they want to keep them."
2) I also love the no frills packaging! What a relief not to have to pry open these package while many other types of craft kits come locked in plastic packages and then once you have managed to get them open, you are left wondering what to do with the packaging! On some of those kits with outer packaging there is generally important information and sometimes the warrenty information that you want to keep. So with these other types of art and craft kits, I end up getting out the utility or craft knife and cut out the parts of the packaging that I think I may need later. Well, with the Artterro Art kits, you do not have that problem.
 From Artterro's Web Site:

Where’s the Big Fancy Box?

Our kits look a little different than your average craft kit. It’s because we’ve turned them inside-out! Most companies spend their money on big cardboard boxes with lots of plastic packaging inside and pennies on the materials. We’ve skipped the excessive packaging and invested in 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper, reusable bags and beautiful high-quality materials that sell themselves.

What Sustainability Means to Us

"We founded Artterro with important core beliefs. We are committed to using as few resources as possible, respecting and enjoying the company of the people we work with, and taking into account the social and environmental impact we have on the planet and community at home. We will always strive to offer worthwhile, affordable products that encourage friends and family to connect with each other and the very human need to create beauty in our lives."

What We’re Doing Now (Artterro)

  • "We partner with Green Solutions Printing, a small family-owned buisness in Eugene, OR, where all our packaging inserts and marketing materials are printed on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper using vegetable based inks and renewable energy."
  • 'We minimized kit packaging, reducing waste and shipping expense. They take up less space in packing boxes. The inserts are recyclable and bags reusable."
Eco-friendly indeed! 
What do you think?

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